Tuesday, February 24, 2009


i like ant
i like bird
i like crab

i like red
i like black
i like white

i like eat
i like play
i like sleep

yes i like in a dream of life

i do much fun
i do some cries
i do in rush
i do happy

i do bad
i do best
i do blank
i do bright

i do fight
i do forget
i do right
i do wrong

i do slap
i do rock
i do wine
i do bread

yes i do in love

God give me more and more
I live in this unperfect life

I enjoy it perfectly

my beloved cousin
always send me
simple h.a.n.d
"have a nice dream"

not just a hand
but also the warm love

that i got

make me realize
once again
there is
in many ways
even just in a dream

dedicated to:
mbah uti, mbae, mbajeng, mazel, ivy, banpon, ika, class of 2008 and ajie