Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jacoeb 10 Months

Jacoeb - 10 months old -
Loves reading, stands up without support for seconds, understands 'no' and simple instruction, expert on peek-a-boo by himself.

Jacoeb 9 Months

Jacoeb - 9 months old -

He explores the floor, climbs the steps, touches Mandy, points to something, imitates 'krkrkr', say 'Apa'.

Jacoeb 8 Months

Jacoeb - 8 months old -

Expert on crawling, sits without support, trying to stand on his own, waves bye bye and says 'Bapa..'

Jacoeb 7 Months

Jacoeb - 7 months old -

He sits with his own support, froggy moves, passes toy hand to hand, starts to shy.

Jacoeb 6 Months

Jacoeb - 6 months old -

He starts eat solid with baby led weaning method, drinks water and more fun!

Jacoeb 5 Months

Jacoeb - 5 months old -

Understandings words, behavior and concept. High curiosity.

Jacoeb 4 Months

Jacoeb - 4 months old -

Can sit with support, turns to tummy by himself, holds toy with one hand and say hello to Mandy.

Jacoeb 3 Months

Jacoeb - 3 months old -

He starts to respond peek-a-boo game, steady head, can push his hands when tummy time.

Jacoeb 2 Months

Jacoeb - 2 months old -

He joins praying time, recognizes faces, smiles consciously, brings hands to mouth and suck on hand, says 'AAAaa', 'Bububu', 'Babababa'.

Jacoeb 1 Month

Jacoeb - 1 month old -

Expert on breastfed, shares more smiles, laughs and feels our happiness.