Monday, November 01, 2010

so then I know what the Hectic means

Previous month was October 2010, and that month was the first time i had no time to even write a sentence to you all here.. ^_^ the hectic began pals!

first until 9th october I was terribly busy with the engagement preparation. As the day come 101010 refer to 10th October 2010, the days follow were the most busy days in my world since the first month I wrote this continuous monthly blog in 2005. I hope I can apologize myself then.

The house renovation, wedding preparation, taking care of ill grandmother and into the rigid plan of organize Pangestu are all the matter beside house and relation management.

I decided not to work for now. It will be much better.

To Daia the dinosaur thank you for helping me lots!
To Dwitya the lutung thank you for accompany me all nights!
To Suti and Yanti the servants thank you for your hard work^_^
To My love ever, Mas Suryo, thank you for all your support and love. 
To My brother Kris, thank you for your kindness!
To My mom and dad thank you for loving me..

I feel grateful and terrific blessed. Lord with us >:d<