Sunday, September 25, 2005

CP bienale exhibition

CP Bienale exhibit held on september 2005


all stuffs here cool and greats things!
i like it...

i went there with
mira, wulan, ivana, anne, ichat, fajar and pepes

in the opening day at september 5th, 2005

viva art in our life...

Friday, September 23, 2005

celebrate somethin?

i came to depok from banda aceh at august 28th, 2005
in 1st of september my bestfriend niken and my little friend mayang
try to have time together in dinner time in the middle og our cruel time

he he he have some relax laaa...

nix mayang wanda at pizza hut pesona khayangan depok

princess najla

amazing niece for me...
treasure of our family...

princess najla...

najla (sept2005)

Thursday, September 22, 2005


yesterday was my birthday

21 years old

at 21 september 2005


we had pijamas party last night...
and i still wear it now :P

there were 15 girls sleptover at my house
Naya, Ivana, Siska,
Lalit, Neri, Nhay, Ika, Revi, Ica,
Odonk, Nuri, Nina, Tami,
Wulan and Fithri

we ate pizza. drink coke and got crazy with a lot of ice cream

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aha... and didnt forget to watch movie
Janji Joni, Jersey Girl and the last Forrest Gump!

at 1 am all droped...
and we slept anywhere we could..
some in my room, some in the other room
and some in front of the television

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in the morning
we finished our pizza
ate cake
and ice cream party once again....

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then some reading comics and some in the middle of discuss
girl talk, dept issues, campus live, open house, exhibition etc

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there were another guest who didnt slept over here
niken, ari, alex, didi, nana and elmar...

thx all that was really nice....

and for all who pray for my birthday...
and wish me all the best

thank you....thank you very muchh

God Bless all of us...

i love you all....

Monday, September 19, 2005


im doing my assignment
right now
about hongkong,
but sleepy....

Saturday, September 17, 2005

feeling this...

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lisa and the little glumpang dog

dearest the beautiful one, lisa polak.
hei girl
just want to say hello to you
i miss the way you hold my hand
hug and cuddle me..
not only as a friend
not just as bestfriend
you made me comfortable
really as my sister...
Thanks sweetheart...thanks

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ed the clown

For the funniest also the coolest man, Ed murfitt.
haha.. I miss the way you look deeply into my eyes
and hug me tight
it was feel like all rejoice come again
among the cruel troubles
although i always confuse with what u r talking about hehehe
you make me calm down
and feel so proud be your sister...

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sam and the poor egg

And Sam Clark...
the one in his silence and his calm smile
enough to make me believe
im not just a big tantor
but a gorilla princess
actually i hate the time i far from him
need him beside...always...

sam lisa wanda ed

this is my new family...
i appreciate for this
i really have big family now...
and i love them all...

Friday, September 02, 2005

Holliday on Friday

tadi pagi libur lhoooo
trus ehemmm kerennn
akhirnya bisa istirahat...
tidurrrrrrrrrrrrr kayak hamsterrrr

trus anak2 mahawaditra datenggg
ada naya, alghif, marcel, mba meta ama mba tikaaa

Kris, Marcel, Mba Tika, Mba Meta, Naya, Alghif, Mum, Dad
@ Pizza Hut Pesona Khayangan, Depok

trus jalan ama naya ama ria ke itc depok yang baruu
gile rame bangetttttttzzzzzzz kayakkkk pasarrr pagiii booo

naya ria wanda

trus naya ama ria maen ke rumah ampe malemmm
nah sekarang mayang yang maen ke rumah
nah udah dulu yaaaa