Monday, March 29, 2010

adopt brothers

this is the picture, how we described out adopt brothers
me and olga
abang and kakak kerbau

Monday, March 08, 2010


First she came fragile, like a caterpillar, 
then and as yet she grows beautifully such as a butterfly

-M.N.A. Gafur- February 2010 - to his adopt sister

10 ^_^ 2010 - January - 10

The view of my sight
on our way to Dana Warih
Sekretariat Pangestu
at Gandaria Kebayoran Baru
I saw the street life

the street wonder : unbreathable

9 ^_^ 2010 - January - 09

We got it from the neighbor next wall ^_^
I treasure it very much
I ate two plates of this portion
-tape mania-

Tape Cirebon