Friday, April 30, 2010


sprinkly sparks
keep me wondering

not diamond
nor stars

sprinkly sparks
keep me starring

brings joy
to my night

as moon at her pride
as birds rest peacefuly
as my heart sings happily

i know that is angel's
angel's blessing

middle of the night

To my brown curly hair brother
saw you first and last
when i was so small
You had smiley face
funniest face in the world
happiness is us right?
do you agree?
wish can see your smiley face
once again at the rest of my life

To my sudden christmas brother
you are the one that young and bald
fill my heart and soul last and forever
God shows His power on you
your voice, brain dan character
you are such a lucky boy 
with great pleasure life
you accompany my rocky life
you put and flush the mess
at a moment
even tall, you are little one for me

To my black image brother
even i know you are not black
i do want to see you
give me your hand again please
don't let mine go
grateful to see you
thank you for remembering me
that a lot of things i need to do

To my precious prue brother
i want to hear your voice
voice that never blame at me
i have your promise
you will die with your super wise smile
that would heal all the wounds
keep shiny my living role model

To my sunny knight ever
will you here,
after this all weird stories?

i have the cup
and you have the coffee

can we sit and share more?

3 idiots and my name is khan

3 idiots and my name is khan are bollywood movies
these two films are must see films for movie goers

3 idiots

my name is khan

for these two films,
i do not want to give you some spoilers
i promise!

see it and see it once again 
or may be you'll need once again ^_^
i hope 
you know what i mean

it is life

days of hers

as i open my eyes
i see her

her warmth and love
wraps my day
and gently covers my life

as i grow up
i see her

her work and pray
shields my heart
and strongly save my soul

as i plan my day and life
i see her

my hands and soul
wake up for her

i build it for her

i put my pray
to the only God 
the one creates us

i set my day and day
for her
the woman who delivered me to this world
the one who always praise God
inside her soul

i love you mama

Thursday, April 29, 2010


he told me 
once he stays his heart for a woman
he would not take it away from that woman

he will care the whole heart
he will stay for the whole life

and he is
he holds his own words

he is my love

the one that only choose one for forever

dedicated to my love

black image

wednesday morning story

the black image of him still stays here
the unknown big blood brother
the one that i would never know

the moments were
i said that i love him
he said that he will finnish his study
then back to me, to Indonesia
he wanted to teach me how to play golf
and after he held my hand
said that he did not want to 
separate anymore from me, his siter.

morning dew

my sweetheart from my waking life phoned me

I told him what was my dream
then as the story ended

I cried

my chest such hurt
big black hole

i was mess yesterday...

dragon and remember me

two days sit by myself on that noon show

first day i watched "how to train your dragon"
it was fun and educate
hiccup little guy and toothless  dragon
showed me how things work
by hard work and trust

how the old vikings finally proud his son
was also very good example for some parents

how the little vikings friends futurely become one
was also amazed me

the end of the story was they informed us
that dragon can be a pet, a good friend pet

the second movie was "remember me"

i dont want to review this movie

i dont want to say this one is bad
nor this movie jerk

even I do rate this movie 4 out of 10
as I rate My Name is Khan for 7 out of 10
and 3 Idiots for 9.5 out of 10.

but after all, not about the rate
it is exactly about my heart

this movie touch me so much..
especially the point of
how tyler treated his little sister, caroline


some scenes made me
cry out of loud...

was @ margo platinum screen depok

Monday, April 26, 2010

5 years of full blogging

this kid is flying
5 years with full blogging

flying higher
but sometimes
flying lower

this kid is growing
5 years of contemplation

living happily
and some sections
living gratefuly

what a life you live for?
to fly out
or to fly over

ehm, none both
this kid chooses
fly in

fly to smash the wind
fly to splash the water
fly to swing the earth
fly to smile up the creatures

this kid
keep flying

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grandmother and Her New Television

January 2010, my charming grandmother was lying down at the Harapan Kita Hospital in West Jakarta with a large screen television, when she said to my brother that she wondered it was nice if she had one large television at her own room, at home, in Magelang. Therefore, she asked my brother, Kris, how much does it cost to buy one like the one at the hospital.

Three months after that television issue between them, my brother told me to buy one for her. Then, via e-mail I asked if any of our cousins would join us. Some of them responded and then I flied to Magelang. Jakarta - Magelang was only one hour flight.

Pak Nur, the guardian angel of my grandmother, picked me up at the Adi Sutjipto airport. Then we went to the electronic shop, named A Takrib, in Yogyakarta - Central Java.  I bought a 32 inch wide screen LG television, the fine wall bracket and good quality wires.

Two hours drive from Yogyakarta to Magelang, with some traffics, because it was afternoon. As we arrived to my grandmother house, it was near the evening time, and she was sitting at the dining room near the courtyard with one gentlement guest, her next house neighbor. She surprised when she saw what I brought. Touchy moment when she knew it was from whole of her grandchildren with the moment of KARTINI day!

Took three hours to install the television inside her room. Four gentle boys help me. They were employees from the electronic shop in Yogyakarta. They worked hard to install it. While the hectic moment of installation, my grandmother had another 3 groups of guests. Some Pangestu friends and some not. She has many guests everyday, every moment where she is, even out of her house. She is famous!

Eight am sharp the boys already installed her new television and the guests went home almost at the same time. She was very happy and of course excited. She prepared to watch her favourite sinetron on her bed.

She put her body on a very comfortable position and I turned the volume on high level. I thought it was really loud, and that would be loud enough for her. Then I went to the guest room and while I am talking on the phone to Jakarta, she suddenly came to the living room near the guest room and watched the old television and then made its sound louder. I wondered what happened with the new television. When I asked her, she said that she did not know how to make it louder. So, I asked her came back to her room and teached her how to use the new remote control.

She learned fast and amically fast enough with the new stuffs. She watched it when the film was running and fall a slept when the advertising was. I hope with this new one, she can has enough time to rest. She slept after all the sinetron over, drank the jamu serbaguna, brushed her teeth, wash her feet and said her pray. It was half past ten pm.

The next morning she learned more how to use the remote control. We had breakfast and lunch together. She hugged me tight and did not want to release me for some minutes. She said 'please do not go so fast'. I wish I can go to see her often.

Love you Grandny