Thursday, December 30, 2010

new year eve

dear pals,

here I am now. wishing me a kid as days before as a flying kid.

Flying name itself came from Arovian nickname (refers to flying_rovian) at mIRC, he is one of my best pal when I was 15th years old.

and Kid came from Eka nickname (refers to Kid_Kat) at mIRC, he is my adopt brother =)

But as the time rushing and crounching ;) I realized that I am stay now..

with a lot of things I got, some experiences, bunch of pals and plenty of adopt brothers and sisters also adopt dad, oma, opa and super kakek, not even left adopt dog... :) I have a man to be stay with 2 days after now.

After the new year eve, ME and the MAN will be have a fantastic and amazing wedding moment. These two hearts will be serve God more in love and bright happiness.

To my family, best friends, brothers, sisters, friends and anyone no more I could tell you. I just pray for your health and happiness.

with full of love


Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas and New Year

Holidays and family gathering on Christmas and New Year, that's why I love December! This December seems so perfect, I have lots touches with family and friends and also doing anything I want such doing gymnastic, arrange things and having body spa as much as i want :)

Actually the activities so rough and in plan. The only thread is the Jakarta's traffic jam. I wish next week, Jakarta is quite friendly with me.

So dear you all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope you and family have a good time, have precious moments, have a fine hearts and have a lucky things there.

Big hugs and Grand Kisses